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User Manual


When you start Clawtar, the first thing you need to do is to calibrate it.
  1. Place all your 10 fingers on the screen.
  2. Move your fingers without lifting to adjust your position.
  3. Lift fingers to complete calibration.
If you need to repeat calibration, go to the menu and press "calibrate" button:

Here is how it looks like: 

Hands Layout

After you have calibrated Clawtar, you have two keyboards, one for each hand. With you right hand fingers you trigger notes, and with your left hand fingers you select the active note range. With your left thumb you control pitch bend, and modulation. Your right thumb controls volume and can play repeat button that replays previously played note.

Right hand layout

Right hand keyboard have 12 note triggering buttons, which represent 12 notes in chromatic order.
You play chromatic scale like this:

Lighter buttons with roman numerals represent the major scale notes (like white keys of a piano).
You play major scale like this:

Changing the root note

By default the root note is C. So if you tap the button with roman numeral "I" a C note will be played. If you need to switch to another root note, tap the button with label 'root', then select required root note, then again tap 'root' button to return to normal mode.

Left hand layout

Left hand buttons allows you to switch active note range. When left hand button with label 1 is active, it is the lowest range. If you then switch to  the button 2, the range go up one octave. If button 3 is active, it goes another octave up. And the same for button 4. 

Buttons labeled with number and a single or double quotes moves active range up a major third (4 chromatic steps) and a minor sixth (8 chromatic steps) related to the corresponding button without quotes. For example if root note is C and the active range button is 1 and you then switch to button 1',  the right button 'I' becomes 'III'. It is like the middle row of right hand buttons moved to the top row, bottom row moved to the middle and top row became the bottom row.