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★★★★★ Innovative MIDI controller (by polarpaul)
The app works well as a MIDI controller which adapts to the natural placement of your hands. Includes plenty of musically useful functionality too.

★★★★★ How much fun!  (by Din McHine)
Thank You! Very helpful for any producer and enthusiastic musician!

★★★★★ Great work! (by Ben Efitofadoubt)
Very nice and very unique controller. It takes a little work to master, but well worth the effort. Recommended.

★★★★★ Most excellent!  (by Hydra vein)
This is a very fun and unique midi controller. Works really well.

★★★★★ GREAT APP (by djgeco86)
Highly recommended app.

★★★★★ Wow! (by Richtowns)
A brilliant app that compliments some already amazing Midi controllers for iOS. Great work!