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★★★★★ A true winner (by Fgyjgfdhccfv )
For every few music apps you buy, you're lucky to get ONE you actually find useful. This is the ONE. I don't have anything like this, and this would be just as handy in the studio as it would live.

★★★★★ Well done (by Ben Efitofadoubt )
Very easy to use, but very different, controller. Nice work!

★★★★★ Great interface (by Skareview )
This app has a great interface to choose chords. So far it's been fun to play with. The included sounds are clean and nice.
★★★★★ 5star app (by noneeboy)
Since the install it's a part of my every set, pro version (midi) of this app is the most useful and clutter free peace of software i've seen lately.keep up the good job! peace★★★★★ Lovely app for playing chords (by firejan82)
Really clever layout, super helpful for coming up with interesting chord progressions.

★★★★★ A really well thought out but simple to use interface (by kotihu-at-gmail-dot-com) 
I am a lifelong musician and former professional. This is truly an original idea that is clever and effective!

★★★★★ Beautiful simplicity, an instrument in its own right (by Leom187)
ChordUp offers the ability to quickly select any of 108 chords (9 for each root note) by swiping with one finger and playing the notes of the selected chord on one of 3 different playing surfaces which change their note layouts according to the selected chord. You can effortlessly play quick arpeggios, dense block chords or anything in between. It's also possible to explore melodies by playing one or two notes and quickly shifting the selected chords which then change those notes under your fingers. Get passable strumming effects by engaging the sustain button. The beauty of it is that only the chords are labeled, the notes are not, nor is there a scale lock. But fear not, the simple interface allows for quick musical exploration, making it incredible easy to find great progressions using just your ears. There is only the slightest learning curve in getting used to timing your chord selections, but this is quickly overcome within an hour of playing and is highly rewarding.
★★★★★ Well worth the money (by reilsky)
This is a beautiful little app. Well made. Simple. Great library of sounds and is so much fun to play around with and experiment with. Of all the music apps I have, this is the one most suited to the iPhone and the one I use the most.
★★★★★ Amazing (by Amul-6789)
Love this... We need more experimental controllers