Musical instrument and MIDI controller with a unique fast-access chord selector. Works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.  

Select chords with on hand and play with the other

 Play piano-like arpeggios and 'bass and chord' rhythm patterns using the Pads playing surface 

Strum like on a guitar

Perfect for quick chord exploration
Unique chord selector allows you to play any available chord instantly. You don't need to make any pre-configurations or presets. Just tap on the key button and slide your finger to the required chord type. With a little practice you will be able to select any chord in a fraction of a second. 

Play easily any rhythm pattern 
Three playing surfaces allows you to easily play any rhythm pattern: power chords, full chords, bass and chord, strumming or arpeggios.

Control other apps or hardware
You can use ChordUp to control your favourite soft or hard synthesizer through Core MIDI connection.

• 108 available chords (9 chord types for each of the 12 notes).
• 10 embedded instruments: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Guitar, Organ, Accordion, Vibraphone, Strings, 3 synth sounds.
• 12 pads surface (for long arpeggios, bass, bass and chord patterns)
• 6 strings surface (for guitar strumming, power chords and arpeggios)
• Expression pad surface (allows to play full chord and control an expression parameter at the same time)
• Smart sustain. With the sustain enabled, when you switch chords, only the notes of the current chord that don't belong to the next chord are muted.
• Octave shifting.
• Chord locking. You can lock one chord type for a chord button.
• Buttons size adjustment on iPad.
• CoreMIDI support.
• Audiobus support (Audio sender, MIDI sender)

Privacy Policy

ChordUp does not collect any user's personal data or usage data.