Chord sequencer with a polyphonic matrix arpeggiator

You can use it as a songwriting sketch pad, as a backing-track tool or as a live performance instrument.

How does it work?
1. You create a chord progression.
2. You draw an arpeggiator pattern.
3. ChordFlow projects the drawn pattern (possibly repeating it) onto the chord progression and creates beautifully sounding harmonic sequence.

- More than 50 chord types available.
- Intuitive tools for drawing arpeggiator sequences.
- 1 to 32 steps arpeggiator
- 4 tracks in a arpeggiator sequence. Each track can be assigned to the individual MIDI destination/channel.
- 3 sequencer looping modes: one pass, loop selected, loop all.
- Quantised jumps between sections.
- A song can be split by any number of sections each containing different chords and arpeggiator sequences.
- MIDI Out to any CoreMIDI compatible app, USB or WI-FI
- Ableton Link support
- Audiobus support (provides 1 Audio sender port and 5 MIDI sender ports)